Palo Santo Bracelet


Embrace the soothing energy of Palo Santo throughout your day, as the bracelet gently releases its calming scent. Whether you seek mindfulness in meditation or simply wish to carry the serene essence with you, this bracelet is the perfect companion for finding balance and tranquility in your everyday life. 

Handcrafted in Peru with care and attention to detail, our Palo Santo Bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of mindful living and spiritual connection. Wear it as a reminder to center yourself and cultivate inner peace wherever you go.

The wood is collected from trees that have fallen naturally and have remained on the land a minimum of 3 years to optimize beneficial properties. Sourced from a family owned company that is actively reforesting Palo Santo trees. 

Our Palo Santo bracelet comes packaged in a certified compostable bag to help preserve the natural aroma. It also comes with an informational card, making it gift ready!

CARE: Do not get wet to avoid drying the wood out.