About Batu Suci

Hello, I'm Lindsay.

I was introduced to the world of essential oils years ago and love everything about them. I have three young sons, so to have something all natural I can use on them that is beneficial is a win-win in my book.

I'm also a huge sucker for anything aromatic. I used perfume and body spray liberally and lathered on anything that smelled good. Until I found out how wonderful oils smelled AND they are therapeutic?! Not to mention, it allowed me to get rid of my toxic body products.

The smell of oils would leave within an hour and I'd want to reapply. Then I heard about aroma or diffuser jewelry and got excited! I now keep the aroma with me for 1-2 days without having to reapply my oils, thanks to the porous beads (lava or wood).

I also believe that gemstones can have a positive effect on our bodies as well. To pair essential oils and the benefits of gemstones is a another win-win.

I noticed lots of diffuser bracelets popping up, but most were made with imitation gems. I wanted true, natural gemstones that had not been dyed. That lead me to start my own jewelry company, Batu Suci, which means Sacred Stone in Indonesian. 

I hope you enjoy the creations I hand bead in Parker, Colorado. Feel free to get in touch with me about custom orders or any other questions you have.